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However, his real mission is to bring down the Japanese conspirators for the sake of the country.

Zhang Xiao Fan and Lin Jing Yu become homeless orphans after their village is slaughtered overnight.

On the run, she meets a teenage Emperor Kangxi without knowing his real identity.Justice Bao is a revered judge known for his fight against corruption.Pang Tai Shi, a greedy and high-ranking official of the Song Dynasty, seeks to bring down Justice Bao by targeting his right hand man Zhan Zhao. I loved that it was a female-centric drama not about concubines (not as first) but about the smarts and resilience of Tan Yun Xian, a female doctor effortlessly brought to life by Liu Shi Shi who is made for such characters.To prevent this, Unit 701 recruits the nation's best talents, which include autistic math genius Rong Jin Zhen, Di Li, Zhao Qi Rong, Han Bing, form an investigative team dedicated to deciphering the enemy's code.

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